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    E PIMP

​​ A.M.P Fetti 2

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​     Coolie

​​Mikey More

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        Mitch Mula

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    Chris Hart

   Astrid Lorenzo 


Christopher Hart known as Chris Hart is one of the most Phenomenal male models and well-educated man I have met. As a kid, Chris Hart always had a dream to be in the spotlight. Growing up Chris Hart was the Center of attention throughout the household he been in. At a very young age, Chris mother.......
Astrid is an astounding model, that started modeling at the age of fourteen; she’s currently 21. At the age of fourteen, she took an acting class, where she met a few actors that inspired her to pursue modeling. She is a petite model at the height of 5’2. “The modeling industry is just starting to.......
​Growing up life for Anonymuz was pretty standard, he didn’t get into anything ridiculous, except when he got to middle school, starting fucking around, but not as much. As a kid, Anonymuz always keeps to himself......
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